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— Adventures in 16 pixels
— The importance of a pixel

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Here you can watch the animation Fav i Con (Fav and Con) in place: In the browser tabs, the natural environment of these characters. You can only see this with Firefox, because is the only browser that supports animated favicons.

It's true that after a while looking at the favicons in the tabs can tire a little. You can temporarily lower the screen resolution to watch it easily. Up to you.

The trick is that these favicon are animated .GIF files, and the Mozilla's browser accepts them as unofficial substitute for .ICO files.

Fav i Con (Fav and Con) is a little story animated with favicons. It tells the adventures of Fav –a purple alien with antennae– and Con –a green lifeform–, two cute pixel beings.

This is probably the World smallest resolution animation, since their adventures occurs within three favicons sized 16x16 pixels, how it was done (ridiculous comparison) with the Polyvision in "Napoléon" (1927) where they projected three films on three screens. The sum of the three favicons gives a 48x16 PX resolution.
Due the size, you can alsowatch it in high definition, with gigantic square pixels deluxe. Pixels are the smallest unit of an image in a computer screen. We imagine them in square form, but nevertheless, physically A pixel is not a little square.These adventures in 16 pixels can get to appreciate the importance of a pixel.
  • Story: Marta Roig
  • Idea and animation: Pau Mariné
  • Sound: Philip Cunningham
  • Music: Firebrand Boy
The size of a favicon is 16x16px

The size of a favicon is 16x16px

Fav and Con

Fav and Con

CC BY-SA 2013-2016 Pau Mariné / passafora [at] gmail [dot] com